10 predictions Steve Jobs made about the future of tech that came true — and 2 he got totally wrong

May 30 2019

Eight years after Steve Jobs‘ death, his name continues to dominate discussions about how the evolution of technology and where it’s going next.

From 1976, when he cofounded Apple, Jobs presided over a revolution in micro-computing, with his vision extending to phones, tablets, music distribution, apps, and everything else we’ve come to take for granted in our 21st-century user experience.

On top of pioneering revolutionary tech products, Jobs was celebrated for predicting the future. After all, as one of his favourite quotes goes, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

But looking back, although many of Jobs’ predictions were spot on, some were off the mark. Here are 10 of his biggest prophecies, as well as two surprising misfires.

Correct Statements:

  • ‘We’ll be using computers at home, for fun’
  • ‘We will all be connected through the computer’
  • ‘It’s much faster to do all kinds of functions, such as cutting and pasting, with a mouse’
  • ‘There will be web dial tone everywhere’
  • ‘You may not have to manage your own storage’
  • Apple’s strategy is to ‘put an incredibly great computer in a book’
  • ‘It will be as if there’s a little person inside that box who starts to anticipate what you want’
  • ‘People are going to stop going to a lot of stores. And they’re going to buy stuff over the web.’
  • ‘People will get more information than they can assimilate’
  • ‘You’d get one of these things when you were 10 years old’

Incorrect Statements:

  • ‘I think there will be lots of innovation in the areas of software but not in hardware’
  • ‘Is the web going to be a life-changing event for millions of people? No.’


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