Company of the Week: Ant Financial

November 07 2019

Ant Financial has once again claimed the number one spot in the H2 Ventures and KPMG FinTech 100 report for 2019.

Ant Financial is responsible for the world renowned, Alipay platform. It is the world's largest mobile and online payments platform that mainly serves buyers and ecommerce businesses globally. It served 1.2 billion customers around the world in June, and has more than 900 million annually active users in China. Founded by the Alibaba group, it allows individuals and businesses to execute payments online and use many of the other financial services offered by the company. They said that 8/10 users were using at least three of the company's finance-related services, including payment, wealth management, micro financing, insurance and credit services.

With the mission of "bring the world equal opportunities", Ant Financial is dedicated to creating an open, shared credit system and financial services platform through technology innovations. After placing #1 in the FinTech 100 Report, Ant Financial is our Company of the Week!