Company of the Week: FloodMapp

May 09 2019

What is FloodMapp?

FloodMapp is a flood prediction and flood warning tool that aims to reduce losses to property and even save lives. Currently, people in flood prone areas need to manually check Facebook and news updates to see the status of a flood in their area. These updates are also too vague, as they cover a large area or catchment. FloodMapp uses real-time data to produce interactive flood maps which you can zoom into to see individual properties in proximity to the flood. Plus, it can send personal alerts to residents in real time, via text message or email.

Flooding is becoming more frequent, and more severe. It is the world's costliest natural disaster, causing billions of dollars in damage annually. For every stage of a flooding event, we offer a unique product to help businesses improve safety and prevent damage.

What are the different stages?


Determine the risk of a flooding event. Reduce preventable claims and minimise damages.


Connect with affected Policyholders during a flooding event. Improve the customer experience and Add value to customers when it counts the most.


Understand the full impact of a flooding event and streamline event response.