Company of the Week: Spaceship

June 27 2019

Co-founded in 2016 by Paul Bennetts & Dave Kuhn, the company has since raised over $40m to hire over 40 employees and change the way Australians invest their money. They provide two main products: Spaceship Super and Spaceship Voyager.

Spaceship Super controls the fate of many retirees and now manages over $232 AUD as of Feb 2019. Their GrowthX investment option focuses on technology assets. On the other hand, the Global Index investment option provides a broader exposure to global equities. Both investment strategies really give control to how your super, and future is invested!

Spaceship Voyager helps investing in a diversified simple and affordable through one seamless phone application. Again, customers are provided with two main options, the Spaceship Index Portfolio, and the Spaceship Universe Portfolio. Each option was designed to cater to the investor’s preferences, but both stress the importance of a global portfolio. They raise a great point when saying Australians don’t need to only invest in Australia. In addition, Spaceship boasts no minimum investment, no entry or exit fees, and is free for the first $5,000 invested.

Simple yet innovative, Spaceship is your Company of the Week!