FinTech Five for Friday 12.04.2019

April 12 2019




Person of the Week: AJ Koch, General Manager - Pinstripe Media

Responsible for overseeing major commercial partnerships, AJ has grown Pinstripe Media from a small family business to a 25-person strong enterprise, featuring brands under the Pinstripe banner such as Flying Solo, Startup Daily and The Airport Economist to name a few. With a background in TV production, journalism and media, AJ has proven skills in creating engaging content that connects with business owners. He’s fluent in Spanish, has a fondness for Mexican food and top shelf tequila. Also, loves his NBA!







Company of the Week: CityShape

Are you a professional and ever wondered how to find and track projects, identify properties for development and conduct research and due diligence? If so, we suggest taking a look at CityShape.

Powered by The Urban Developer, it’s an online map-based tool that helps the property industry better understand and predict the future.

By bringing together hundreds of diverse sets of information into a single, simple-to-use interactive platform, CityShape provides users with the ability to uncover opportunities at every stage of the development lifecycle.






Article of the Week: Google just beat Amazon to launch one of the first drone delivery services

The future is coming in red hot! Alphabet (Google Parent) startup Wing has secured approval for one of the world’s first drone delivery services. Securing approval from Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority following a successful trial, we could be seeing this more in our skies! We really see the benefit with the delivery of medicine on demand!






Worth a Read: Coffee, Afterpay purchases could all count against your chances of getting a bank loan

Are you a serial Afterpayer or a delivery fiend? You may want to audit your spending habits.

According to Brisbane mortgage broker Steve Moore, post the banking royal commission, “most banks, including the big four, are looking at where and when you’re spending money.” Further saying, “many credit unions and banks were looking at your statements to try and calculate future living expenses.” Buy with cash and start cooking team!






Quote of the week:

"Your Genetics Loads The Gun, Your Lifestyle Pulls The Trigger"




Have a great weekend!