Will a race to transition to technology based solutions have Australians moving away from the big banks?

April 27 2020

Written By: Ben Crow, COO at WLTH Finance Tracker

Covid-19 has changed the way Australians go about their everyday life. Isolation has forced people to change the way they communicate, exercise and shop, which has highlighted the need for change across all areas of their life.

The forced transition into a digital way of life has highlighted how technology can simplify everything that we do, creating an opportunity for a shake up of the banking and financial services industry.

Adoption of technology has provided a significant opportunity for digitally focussed banking services. This, and the current trust in the Big 4 banks being at an all time low since the Banking Royal Commission (BRC) has created a major opportunity for change.

These changes have created a more level playing field in the space and has created the opportunity for digitally focussed banking services and providers to take a share of the market!

Watch Co-Founder Brodie Haupt discusses this and much more about how the future of banking will look post Covid-19 with the team from Aus Biz below.

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