Company of the Week: Credit Health App

June 06 2019

The Credit Health app was created by online comparison site, Credit Card Compare, to help Australians take advantage of the changing way in which credit scores are determined, following significant reforms last year designed to reward borrowers for their positive credit behaviour.

According to Co-Founder of Credit Card Compare, Andrew Boyd, who led the development project, the process of developing the app involved drawing on established desktop functionality and then redesigning it for mobile in a way that would feel intuitive and simple for users.

“We launched our online credit score service in December 2018, so a lot of the building blocks were already in place – authenticated accounts, address lookup, the onboarding flow, and our integration with credit monitoring service Experian – however, these were developed primarily for a web browser and not a mobile device, which meant we had to develop a range of additional API endpoints.”

“Because we’re introducing a new value proposition to the audience in terms of personal credit health monitoring, we knew it was important to make the onboarding experience as easy and frictionless as possible,” Boyd says.

An important part of this related to how users entered their physical addresses.  Allowing users free text entry created the potential for human error, which would prevent them being matched with their credit score, and risked losing users at the first hurdle.

“The key to solving this was using a step-by-step flow – this design decision allowed us to hide complex business logic, so the user can just get on with setting up.”

“That functionality goes to the heart of building trust and delivering on user experience expectations, so getting it right was critical. Our solution was to build our own address lookup service, using the public GNA-F dataset as the data source and Amazon Elasticsearch to filter millions of addresses in milliseconds.”

“This means users can drill down to their exact address and, because this is government data, we have a high degree of confidence that it will match what’s on file at the bureau. In the end, that means users can breeze through onboarding and get right to their score,” says Boyd.

“A good UI should make it easy to do things that are difficult. The complexity should be hidden, especially for a consumer-focused app.”

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