Company of the Week:

May 02 2019

“ Stake was founded to give Aussies access to the massive opportunity in the US share market. ” Matt Leibowitz, Founder & CEO from Stake

85% of all investment dollars going into global stock markets, goes to the US. The US market is valued around $30 trillion, making it the largest share market in the world. Yet for people outside the US, it's so cumbersome and expensive to access, it’s always felt out of reach.

Instead, in Australia we're stuck trading on the ASX, which is 30x smaller than the US share market and pales in comparison when it comes to options.

No matter where you live, you should have access to the opportunities in the US.

Aussies were missing out!

Aussies were missing out on the opportunities available to the rest of the world. Upon returning home, the founders couldn’t understand why it was so difficult and expensive to access global markets.

In the age of technology, where everything else has become so straightforward, how could there still barriers for Australians to get their money working beyond borders? It blew their mind. It made no sense that trading overseas was so complex, costly and frustrating.

They built Stake, a shop for U.S. shares with the mission to open up the world of opportunity for those living outside the US. Stake are out to break down the barriers that stopped Australians from trading globally for so long. By using their experience, working with great partners and never settling, they were able to build a platform that’s simple, affordable and enjoyable for people to use.