Feature of the Week: Filtering your Wealth Items

October 03 2019

WLTH collates all the information you entered into useful and easy-to-understand data. In the wealth section, you are able to filter by category or list view, ownership, and lifestyle or investment, depending on your preferences. You can then make the best decisions about your financials with these different filtering tools and view based on different entities.

If you want to view all your assets individually, you can select the list view in the wealth section. If you choose the category section, the platform automatically groups different assets and liabilities into its corresponding section. We recommend using this option when you have multiple items inputted!

If you want to determine the net worth of your team members or an entity, for example a SMSF, you can filter the wealth section by ownership. Simply click filter, then ownership and select the team member/ entity you want to view. There are instances when an asset or liability is owned by more than one individual - don’t worry, the WLTH platform automatically calculates net worth according to ownership!

The ability to filter your WLTH items depends on how you have assigned the ownership of the asset. To check the ownership, click on the wealth item and choose the ownership splits.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.17.32 pm

If you want to know more about Filtering in WLTH, click here!

Each week in the FinTech Five for Friday we will include a new feature to assist you to get the most out of your WLTH Digital Portfolio Manager.

If you haven't downloaded the WLTH app yet, it is available on the App Store and Google Play Store!