FinTech Five for Friday 02.08.2019

August 02 2019




Company of the Week: Law on Earth

Law on Earth is the company of the week this week. They have launched their platform to make legal advice easier to access and more affordable. 

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Person of the Week: Katie Richards

Katie is an Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Educator, Author and Innovator. She started Virtual Legal in 2013 and this week has launched Law on Earth. 

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Article of the Week: Cloud technology brings billions to Australia

“Access to cloud computing is changing the way Australians do business by opening up new market opportunities” 

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Worth a Read: Jack Ma’s $290 Billion Loan Machine Is Changing Chinese Banking

The whole process takes three minutes and involves zero human bankers. The default rate so far: about 1%. 

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Quote of the Week

"If you can change your mind, you can change your life"





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