FinTech Five for Friday

August 24 2018


Podcast we are listening to:

Finance and Fury, A homegrown podcast, in an easy to understand format for everyday Australians. It’s also available on Apple and Spotify





Something we want people to see:

SocietyOne turns 6 (a peer to peer lending platform). In its short existence, its already lent close to $500M. Peer to peer lending is the newest form of borrowing/investing. SocietyOne states they have helped over 20,000 people, and their community loves them.





Australian FinTech we're loving: Pelikin

Pelikin is a new startup with the goal of reshaping the way Australians save, send and spend money while travelling abroad.

They offer a debit card to spend, deposit and store funds, as well as receive spending alerts and real-time analytics to track spending habits.






In case you missed it:

LinkedIn has given the OK to economics researchers to use their data – within certain limits.



Quote of the Week:

"The major winners will be financial services companies that embrace technology."