FinTech Five for Friday #3

September 07 2018


Australian crowdfunding platforms you should know about.

These are 3 platforms to introduce you to crowdfunding in Australia.

EQUITISE – invest in startup businesses that have exciting growth potential.
PLEDGE ME – helping people fund things they care about.
Birchal Financial Services – everyone should have the opportunity to invest in brands they love.

These are not recommendations, just an introduction to platforms you should know about!

Find out more about crowdfunding here!




International: Changes ahead for Skype!

15 years and Skype are moving their interface to clean and simplistic face. The redesign will trim down mobile and desktop platforms to focus on the basics: chats, calls, and contacts.




Welcoming the rollout of instant payments: OSKO by BPAY.

In conjunction with our use of neo bank UP, we have looked a little deeper into the payment system rollout across Australia.

You may not have heard of OSKO, but it will become your friend very soon. Simply ask your mate for their PayID or BSB and Ac Number, and if their bank has Osko, you’ll have your money in under a minute!



Person we're learning more about: Joshua Wilson

“We created GROW because we wanted a super fund that we would actually want to use ourselves, one that allows you to build wealth and keep track of where you are now and where you want to go, and gives you the tools to help you get there.”

We have used/are using GROW Super and everything so far has been smooth sailing. The UX/UI on both app and desktop, transfer of funds from an existing account, customer support and fund exposure have all been on point. Not to mention the nice little referral bonus. “Superannuation just better!”





Quote of the Week:

"Know what you own, and know why you own it"