FinTech Five for Friday #4

September 14 2018




Australia ranked in global top 10 for digital readiness!

The study examined a range of factors from technology infrastructure and adoption to human capital, with Australia scoring most highly in categories such as the ease of doing business, the start-up environment and basic human needs. Other countries included in the top 10 were Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK.




LinkedIn’s top five emerging jobs dominated by tech!

LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, analysed millions of user-input job titles from the last five years to find the jobs critical for Australian business and it was dominated by tech-heavy roles.




Steve Baxter's River City Labs has been bought!

The startup accelerator River City Labs, founded by Shark Tank judge Steve Baxter in 2012, has been acquired by ACS, the professional association for Australia’s ICT sector.





Person we're learning more about: Dr. Catherine Ball

Dr Catherine Ball is an author, founder, and ethics advocate working across global projects where robotics and new technology meet environmental protection. Dr Ball has travelled and worked globally on cutting-edge projects that combine science, entrepreneurship, empowerment, education and training. As part of her ongoing support for the development of non-military application of drone technology in Australia, she has co-created the world’s first significant global drone conference to focus on all parts of the drone economy to be held in Brisbane each year – the World of Drones Congress.




Quote of the Week:

Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint. Discipline is the key ingredient