June 27 2019

Company of the Week: Spaceship

Co-founded in 2016 by Paul Bennetts & Dave Kuhn, the company has since raised over $40m to hire over 40 employees and change the way Australians invest their money. They provide two main products: Spaceship Super and Spaceship ...


June 27 2019

Person of the Week: Alan Tsen

After being re-elected as Chairman and GM of FinTech Australia, Alan Tsen is highly regarded by those in the FinTech industry for being a world-class entrepreneur, leader and visionary.


June 20 2019

Podcast of Week: Art of the Hustle

It is a podcast designed to inspire entrepreneurs and fuel their life’s work. With a casual and comfortable interview approach, listeners are invited into a conversation between our host Jeff Rosenthal, co-Founder of Summit, ...