April 04 2019

7 Must-Read Finance Books

Regardless if you’re caught in the rat race, or living comfortably with your finances in check, there is always room for improvement in life - including your finances. Past experiences and current circumstances might motivate ...


April 03 2019

Transforming the bank: three phases of change

I’ve mentioned quite often that you cannot sort out all of the banks systems and structures overnight. It has to be a slow burn and often takes more than five years. It also appears to take place in three phases.


March 21 2019

The 5-Hour Rule That Billionaires And CEO's Use To Get Ahead

Surely you've heard about the 10,000-hour rule - the golden rule that dictates if you want to become seriously talented in any area, you need at least 10,000 hours of practice. Well, a recent report by Medium's Michael Simmons ...