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November 14 2019

Feature of the Week: WLTH Reports

The WLTH platform enables users to track all their finances in one digital location. All your financial information can be securely stored into your account so you can manage your finances with ease. However, huge amounts of ...


November 14 2019

No Need For Wallets As We Turn Digital

Australians, traditionally early adopters of new technology, have embraced credit and debit card usage over the past decade to make them easily the most frequently used payment methods – way ahead of cash.


November 14 2019

14 Fintech Trends To Watch For In 2020

Automation and technology aimed at improving financial services—fintech—has garnered a lot of attention lately. From crowdfunding to mobile payments and money transfer services, fintech has the potential to revolutionize how ...


November 14 2019

Company of the Week: Slyp

Say goodbye to paper receipts with the help of Slyp - a Sydney based FinTech founded by Paul Weingarth, Spiro Rokos and Mike Boyd.